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Cobble Stones by Sandra Tayler E-Book
Our Price: 1.99

This is the e-book version of Cobble Stones. Your download will include .pdf .doc and .prc versions of the book DRM free. You can purchase a paperback version of the book here.

When you order an e-book through us, the download link will be sent to you in about 24 hours. It will be part of the "Your item has shipped" email. You may be able to access your download sooner by logging in to your store account.

The book is a sampler of blog entries written by Sandra Tayler for her blog One Cobble at a Time. Sandra writes her blog with literary quality writing ranging from very short posts, to essays that run several pages long. She fills her words with insights that are applicable beyond her own life. This sampler pulls some of Sandra’s most interesting blog entries from the year 2011 and puts them into one volume, discussing such topics as family, divine inspiration, financial management, parenting, peace, and finding self-worth. Sandra’s blog can be found online at
PDF: The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance
Our Price: 9.00

PDF version of Volume 5 in the Schlock Mercenary series
Maxims 13-24 PDF
Our Price: 10.00

Maxims 13-24 PDF as seen in the 2013 calendar, click for details
Maxims 1-12 PDF
Our Price: 10.00

Maxims 1-12 PDF as seen in 2012 calendar, click for details
Maxims 25-36 PDF
Our Price: 10.00

Maxims 25-36 PDF as seen in the 2014 calendar, click for details